If you're expecting an income tax refund, you can file now!


It's easy. As an accredited collection agency, you can pay through your internet or telephone banking as easily as paying a utility bill. We also accept direct deposit and everyone’s favourite: Interac e-mail money transfer. Cheques and money orders work too. Check out our Make a Payment page for all the details.

Although our agents do an outstanding job finding the right person, on occasion we get the wrong number. If that has happened to you, or if you are being called about a bill that has been paid we need to update our records. Give us a call at 1-866-759-8027, and we’ll listen to your dispute or take your number off our list if you are the wrong person. We solve everything best through conversation. (If you ARE the person we’re looking for, contact us now as it is important we speak to you promptly to minimize impact on your credit bureau!)

No problem! At Affinity we have always specialized in debt collection within Alberta. Our industry is regulated provincially, and we know Alberta better than anyone. We are also a MetCredit company, which means we're part of Canada's biggest and most reliable 100% Alberta-owned national collection agency. So if a debtor leaves the province or you need to collect anywhere else in Canada, you could not possibly be in better hands!

Although we don't handle deceased accounts directly at Affinity, our parent company MetCredit has unmatched expertise in the specialized field of deceased account collections. Contact MetCredit directly or we can hook you up.

Absolutely! At Affinity, we work with landlords of a single rental property as well as property management companies. While tenant debt collections is highly challenging work, and most collection agencies don’t take it on, we do it exceptionally well. We appreciate the extra organization and attention to detail property managers usually bring—it makes our industry-leading tenant debt recovery rate even better. To get started, check out our Tenant Collections page.

In the province of Alberta, the statute of limitations for litigation on debt is a mere two years, so it is important to act promptly. After two years, the debt can still be reported to credit bureaus, which we are empowered to do for our clients. Remember, you should never let that much time pass the first place. The earlier you submit an overdue account, the better your likelihood of collecting on it. Got questions? Call us!

Use this Financial Capacity Assessment form to record your income and expenses.

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