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The Alberta Focused Collection Agency for

Commercial, Consumer
& Tenant Debt Recovery

Debt Collector retrieving money for a client

At Affinity Credit Solutions, we’re all in for Alberta. Our focus is on restoring reliable cash flow to Alberta businesses and property owners. We're a 100% Alberta-owned, trusted and experienced Alberta collection agency, built on 3 core values:

Integrity is part of our every action and engagement. We can be trusted to be truthful, reliable and ethical—always.

Respect is how we treat all individuals—from the client to every touch point and interaction. Respect is the foundation of successful relationships and negotiations.

Performance equals results. Successful debt recovery is what clients come to us for, and how we’re always measured.

“Affinity” means attraction and connection. It’s about the connectivity between the collaborative work our team members do together as a top-performing Alberta collection agency, attracting and retaining our valued clients through outstanding performance, and connecting respectfully with each of the businesses or individuals who owe our clients money. At Affinity, we know we’re often the force entrusted to bring all these pieces together, and to be the glue that holds them there. It’s a responsibility and a commitment we take seriously.

We're Affinity.
And we're here for Albertans.