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Tenant Rent Collection

for Landlords & Property Managers

Alberta’s Tenant Collection Experts

Tenant debt can be extremely hard to collect. After a tenant has abandoned the premises or been evicted, it can become nearly impossible for a landlord or property manager to recover unpaid rent.

We’re here to help. At Affinity Credit Solutions, we’re Alberta’s landlord-focused collection agency with deep expertise in collecting overdue lease payments and rent arrears. Tracking down absentee tenants and collecting unpaid rent is what our tenancy collection agents do—all day long.

Credit Bureau Reporting

Just like a bank or other lending institution, Affinity Credit Solutions is empowered to report unpaid rent to TransUnion and Equifax, Canada’s major consumer credit bureaus. If payment is not received promptly, our reports directly impact the debtor tenant’s credit score until we update that the account is paid in full. This gives us leverage in collecting and a recourse that you as the landlord simply can’t access on your own.

Alberta Focused

Affinity Credit Solutions is Alberta’s specialized tenancy collection agency, and we excel at collecting unpaid rental arrears throughout Alberta. Tenant has skipped the province? We’ve got the connections to collect from your former renter anywhere in Canada, at no extra cost!

We’re a wholly Alberta-owned, trusted and experienced Alberta collection agency, built on our core values of Integrity, Respect and Performance.

Got a Court Order or
Binding Order?

If you have a court order or a binding order from the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDRS), send a copy to us when you submit the Tenant Collection Agreement and the Tenant Collections Form. We'll get started right away to collect on your behalf, and these orders can accelerate the process.

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Collect Unpaid Rent Fast!

Time is an important factor in tracking down absentee tenants and collecting rental arrears. Don’t lose another day!

No Collection—No Fee

Fees apply when we collect successfully or if we’re required to take a file to court with your authorization.

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