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The Alberta Collection Agency

Built on Integrity,
Respect & Performance.

At Affinity Credit Solutions, we’re focused on helping Alberta clients be more profitable and effective through restoring reliable cash flow.

We’re a wholly Alberta-owned, trusted and experienced Alberta collection agency, built on our core values of Integrity, Respect and Performance.

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Integrity is part of our every action and engagement. We can be trusted to be truthful, reliable and ethical—always.

Respect is the way we treat all individuals—from you as the client to every person with whom we interact. Respect is the foundation of successful relationships and negotiations.

Performance equals results. Successful debt recovery is what clients like you come to us for in the first place, and how we’re always measured in the end.

At Affinity, these 3 values are inseparable. In fact, the name “Affinity” means attraction and connection. For us, it’s about the connectivity between the work we do as a highly professional Alberta collection agency, our clients, and the businesses or individuals who owe them money. Our debt collection experts are trained professional negotiators with unmatched expertise at collecting debt in Alberta’s one-of-a-kind socio-economic landscape.

We’re a collection agency like no other, specializing in a province like no other!

We Love Alberta.
And We Know it Best.

At Affinity, we only collect in Alberta. We’re proud to serve the hardworking people of Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Strathcona County, Lethbridge, Fort McMurray, St. Albert, Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie, Lloydminster, Airdrie and other Alberta communities, big or small. We're the collection specialists dedicated to keeping Alberta strong.

Talking About Money Is Hard.

That’s why you're here. Debt collection means talking about money. It’s something most people struggle with. Business owners, landlords and even credit managers often have Accounts Receivable issues. At Affinity, collecting debt is what we do best. It’s all we do. Let our experts tackle the hard part, while you return to things that bring you joy... and new money!

We’re Going to Make
This Real Easy.

You've tried to collect debt on your own. How did that go? Well, it's about to get easy. Sending an account to Affinity gets it completely off your mind. We’ll take everything from here, and get you paid quickly. It’s really that easy. What are you waiting for?

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